Sustainability Report 2021

Foreword from the Rector

We all have a duty and a responsibility to shape our world, our region, and also RWTH so that we can hand them over to the next generation in a state that ensures good quality of life and allows them the freedom to mold society as appropriate. As a technical university, we have a particular responsibility toward sustainable development, both in terms of our research and also the education that we provide.

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Report Profile

The report profile presents the objective and impact, structuring and references, report boundaries, and the organizational units and individuals involved.

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Data appendix

The appendix includes quantitative data from university operations from 2016-2020. The information does not include the independent public operations of Aachen University Hospital (UKA). The development in the individual subject areas will be updated through regular reporting in the future. The information on individual areas is available on the respective pages as an excerpt of the comprehensive data appendix.

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