Biobased Value Circle

Two female and three male persons in white lab coats are standing in front of the flags of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium at the border triangle. They have their arms crossed and are smiling at the camera.
Two female and three male persons in white lab coats stand in different poses leaning against trees spread out in the forest. They smile into the camera.

Biobased Value Circle is a European Marie Skłodowska-Curie graduate program that aims to train excellent scientists for top positions in science and industry. The project was made possible by the cross-border collaboration between RWTH and Maastricht University at the Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials.

Getting from biomass to new materials along the value chain and making it possible to use these materials in production processes requires a comprehensive knowledge of – and a common language for – the disciplines of chemistry, engineering, and biology.
The innovative projects conducted by doctoral candidates in the field of technical and biomedical applications are jointly supervised by academic participants and partners from industry. A range of training modules are offered to complement the research activities in order to further consolidate the academic-industrial value creation process.

The issue of sustainability is a key aspect in doctoral studies. This is why research projects are continually monitored with regard to sustainability over their entire duration using life cycle analyses.
Biobased Value Circle is therefore aimed at training early-career researchers to successfully take on the challenges of bio-based industry and research. It also seeks to sustainably develop bio-based innovations generating environmental and economic benefits and to establish and consolidate sustainable academic-industrial value creation.


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SDG 4 - Quality Education
SDG 9 - Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG 17 - Partnership for the goals


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