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The AStA Department for Sustainability and Student Engagement provides students with information relating to the topic of sustainability both in general and regarding sustainability at RWTH in particular. They offer students a wide range of information formats and offers.

In consultation and collaboration with the Department for Public Relations, the AStA Instagram channel provides information about sustainability topics and projects and encourages student participation. Events have included sustainability days (e.g. World Bee Day, Earth Day, World Bicycle Day), lectures on issues relating to sustainability (e.g. Fairtrade Uni, AStA Sustainability Week), other projects in the Greater Aachen area (European Mobility Week, Sustainability Conference), as well as surveys designed to provide an overview into students’ current wishes and expectations.
Another topic addressed is how to integrate sustainable practices in day-to-day student life. To this end, an information flyer on sustainable living and studying in Aachen has been created and is available online. After consulting with the student councils within the individual faculties, the flyer has also been made available in printed format for RWTH’s student orientation weeks. The flyer is particularly designed to give first-semester students an initial insight into sustainable living in Aachen, offering them incentives to lead a more sustainable lifestyle in Aachen and explaining how to accomplish this.
As well as giving practical tips, students are also made aware of the opportunities to start their own initiatives and projects relating to sustainability or to participate in existing ones. The annual Day of Student Initiatives is also an ideal event to find out information, share knowledge or ideas, and connect with others.

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SDG 4 – Quality Education
SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG 17 – Partnership for the goals


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